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Hanging Scalemates!

Welcome, weary young traveler. It seems that, for whatever reason, you are filled with the desire to hang a deceased plushie off the top of your blog.

I can help you with that. 

→ (◕‿◕✿)  Instructions on how to use are here

Other such fandom scarves can be found here.

In addition, you may edit these and release them for other people to use. If you decide to make a pack, please tag me in your release post and/or send me a message and, for now, I’ll just reblog it with the tag #hanging scalemates for people to sift through. Eventually, I will figure out how to credit everybody and try to compile some sort of masterlist.

You can work from my .psd file: Download it here.

If you use any of these, or make your own edits for other characters, PLEASE CREDIT ME. It doesn’t take much. Just add a small link in your description, about page, or FAQ back to this page. It should say something like “hanging scalemates by cairovercoat” or “scalemate credit”, or any variant within. If it’s your own edit, the link should just say “hanging scalemate base by cairovercoat” or “scalemate base credit” It’s up to you, really.

At the moment, the only scalemates on this page are the ones I’ve made myself. If you would like to see other people’s edits, check the #hanging scalemate tag. (I’ll figure out a more organized way of doing this later.)


themeenahurl's troll scalemates: