I'm Julia.

Welcome to BLOG. Expect lots of Homestuck. With occasional side helpings of...other things.

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This is a sideblog! My main blog is teawishing.

pixel requests are CLOSED


Q: How do I credit you?

You should add a small link back to this blog on your description or about page. If your blog supports additional links, you can add a link there too.  The link should say something along the lines of “bg by cairovercoat”, but it’s really up to you. If you don’t want it to take up much room I would suggest just adding a link simply saying “bg credit” or even just “bg”.

But really, please please please credit me. I spend a lot of time making these for you guys and that’s all I’m asking. 

If you’re lazy, just copy one of these and stick in your description box or about page.

<br><a href=>background credit</a><br>

<br><a href=>bg</a><br>

<br><a href=>bg by cairovercoat</a><br>

pssstt here is a really cute john to cheer you up

wow what a cutie.